Your old push-button call bell/intercom system is outdated and inflexible. Mocabell leverages the reliability and coverage of your WiFi network.

"Mocabell's intuitive interface makes recognizing my patients' needs quickly and easily. My patients can figure out how to use it in just a few seconds. I'm really looking forward to using this important patient engagement app. I wish all my patients had Mocabell at their bedside." ED Nurse

Are you caring for patients in hallway or overflow beds?

Searching for a mobile app that can help
address your patients' and staffs' needs?

Mocabell provides a modern wireless nurse call solution accessible from your laptop, desktop workstation, tablet, or smartphone.

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Are you addressing your HCAHPS measures?

  • Do you want to increase communication between your patients and nurses?
  • Seeking a bedside tool that facilitates nursing workflows?
  • Trying to leverage existing technology?
  • Looking to enhance the patient experience?

Mocabell is the solution!

Why choose Mocabell?

Nursing Communication

Mocabell provides a powerful tool that allows nurses to send and receive poignant, directed messages to and from their patients via their desktop, tablet, or smartphone

Patient Engagement

Patients and their families feel connected with their nursing provider and engaged in their own medical care.

Quality Improvement

Administrators can track and direct valuable resources with Mocabell's powerful analytic toolkit.


Deploy Mocabell within a single nursing unit or the entire institution as a cloud based solution

Award Winning

Second Place
InnovateNYP Challenge 2015


Change and track Mocabell's response buttons as your workflow needs dictate

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John Cronin, RN


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